Sri Chakra Yantra

Powerful vibrations for your Home & Office

Unfold your inner potential & Make Your Dreams Come True


► It uplifts the energy in your living & working space.

► It brings peace and harmony into the entire home or office.

► It effectively creates high positive vibrations.

► It enhances the creative energy within you and supports you by unfolding your own potential.

► It enables you to experience your innermost creative source and power.

► It helps you to realize your life's purpose and recognize who you are.

► It gives you the energy to start living your life in a high conscious, positive and creative way.  

► It radiates tremendous huge healing energy and connects you with the natural healing ability and innermost healing energy within you.

► It supports you in manifesting your positive intentions and desires on the material and spiritual level.

► It contains highest powerful creation energy and therefore is a direct key for you to create anything with positive intention in your own life.


A YANTRA is a powerful sacred energy diagram.

There are various kinds of yantras, all having a different meaning, purpose and effect. Yantras are very powerful symbols, which have been used for thousands of years by the saints and sages of India. Knowing the power of this special Sri Chakra Yantra, the priests and saints used it on the holy grounds. Therefore, Sri Chakra Yantras in all kinds of different versions can be seen in the ancient Indian temples, mainly carved into the stone floor underneith or in front of the main temple deity or also above on the ceiling.

The Sri Chakra Yantra, the blueprint of creation, covers all angles and aspects of the entire creation. Everything exists in the Sri Chakra. Within we can find the "Nada Bindu" - the center point of creation, where Mother Divine keeps the entire creation in balance. It is through the Nada Bindu, that the formless enters into form and vice verse. Every human being has a Nada Bindu. Finding and experiencing the Nada Bindu inside of our soul is only possible in a state of deepest silence. Then, we will be able to recognize ourselves, who we are, where we came from and what our dharma (personal life-task) is. 

The Sri Chakra Yantra is the Home of Mother Divine. It is the diagram of the soul energy of Maha Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity, who represents the creative aspect of Mother Divine on a material level. 

Through its highest magnetizing nature and qualities the Sri Chakra Yantra helps to fulfill any of your material or spiritual desires by powerfully blessing you with its energy.

"The Indian tradition says, that if you see any Sri Chakra even once, that energy will come to you. The Sri Chakra takes a photo of you. If you go in front of a Sri Chakra, that energy sucks whatever desires your soul has, then it gives the energy to you. It’s the highest magnetizing power in the universe. It’s for the fulfillment of any desire in the universe - completely the highest spiritual and the highest material." Sri Kaleshwar

A great Energy and Power for your Home & Office

Put on a West or South wall of your home, it harmonizes, purifies and lifts the vibration of the entire space. You can chose to have it in your living area, bedroom, meditation space or in your office - it is perfect anywhere. Even without knowing its unique significance the yantra delights with its shining beauty. Through its magnitzing qualities it supports all people living or working there and blesses them with success, prosperity, abundance, wealth and health. The yantra's positive vibration will naturally unfold itself, supporting your life's dream come true.

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Carved on metal sheets (copper, silver, gold) the Sri Chakra Yantra unfolds its highest vibration and effect. Sri Chakra Yantras on high quality copper sheets (40 cm x 40 cm) can be ordered by email and will be made by hand as a unique copy in a silent meditation process. Powerful Bijaksharas (holy seed words) will be written into the lotus petals of the yantra by using the original ancient Telugu script. Additionally, the yantras will be highly energized and charged with the mula mantra of the Sri Chakra system and finally be purified with special rosewater.

The above illustrated Sri Chakra Yantras are a special version as taught by Sri Kaleshwar, who revealed the ancient knowledge and healing system for our modern time. His version of the yantra focuses especially on the energy of Maha Lakshmi (abundance, health & wealth on a material level) and Durga (supernatural powers). Therefore, it is providing us all we need in our modern age: material prosperity and spiritual power.


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